Crafting weekend and Rune stone safari in Fagervik

The last weekend offered really nice spring weather, so we headed out o the forge to do some crafting. Before leaving town we visited the mega-flea market in Bagarmossen, which proved to be a vise decision as we found some material to use for our camp kitchen. Vi also took time to visit some om the rune stones which can be found along the way. We also collected som plant material to use for plant dyeing, with varying results. Other things we worked on were, a frying pan, candle holders, a portable fire box and trying out solutions for our portable sun roof. We also had lots of time for cooking lunch and a cozy time with Swedish fika. Lots of good work!



The first rune stone we visited, Trollsta-stone, is more of a block really. Fantastic and worth admiring!

More info about the carvings.

And yes, its a big rock!

Next strop were the sones in Grödby. They are very different style-wise. Interesting….

More information about the two.

We stopped for a moment in the beautiful spring landscape to visit some of our friends who live near by. Unfortunately, they were not home. So we entered the local farm shop, bought some yarn and said hello to togs and chickens. Very nice!

At our final destination, we collected some fresh plant material. The dyeing results were not that great but we learned a lot.

This is our forge, built by us. On the second picture, the guys are working on a handle for the frying pan.

Viking age cooking?!

Sunday continued in the same style. Further expeditions lead to collection of lichen. These will produce a reddish-brown color.

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