Pictures from Ale

Here are some pictures from our weekend in Ale on the first weekend of may.
A very cozy weekend where we got to experience all types of weather along with some fantastic people!

Half of our group went down a day ahead, by then there was snow on the road…

The following day dawns with very nice spring weather and the camp begins to take form. The more we build the more friends from the group Fafner arrived so we joined our camps into one great camp.

The sales can begin! This year we have produced a great assortment of plant dyed fabrics for sale along side the yarn.

Working hard at the market.

Naalbinding hats and socks.

Happy Vikings!

Legwraps are being dyed with madder root. As usual it gives a fantastic result!

The local gathering spot during the market was our fire and camp. With lots of drinks and songs a great many friends where made. Just as the feast was at its peak the market group presented us with the price for this years best camp!


This was a smaller market than usual but it’s no less one of our favorites!

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