Höstblot på Årsjö gård

When fall makes its appearance in the middle os september you know its time for Blot in Årsjö gårdwith the viking group Fafner. And so was it, even this year and the participants exceeded 145 people from all over the country. Fagervikingarna attended with 7 people travelling in two cars, bringing two tents, and a grand camp! This was indeed a weekend to remember!


Vårt läger i all sin prakt!

Henke fyllde 30 och hade ordnat med vildsvinsgille. 20 personer skulle vara med och dela på helgrillat svin och otaliga tillbehör

Alla hjälptes åt med matlagningen, från morgon till sen eftermiddag

Under tiden umgicks vi med de andra vikingarna och hade det skönt i höstsolen

Many brought crafts of edible and non edible type. We prefer the edible kind.

We brought Pland dyed Fabrics for sale.

Foto: Anders Wiik

In the afternoon there was a ting! One of the fafner members did a rite of passage and succeeded! The group was given 50 liters of mead to celebrate this great day. Tyrild who makes all of us fgat and happy have made this fantastic mead made with meadowsweet to taste. Meadowsweet grows in surplus in the area. After the ting we took a group foto is is tradition.

Foto: Anders Wiik

Evening sets in over Årsjö gård and everyone in hurrying to get their food done for the great feast!

Foto: Anders Wiik

We ate and drank all throghout the evening. During the feast it is tradition to present gifts to groups and outstanding individuals. Generosity was a central part in the tribal viking age society. Some of the gifts presentet was to Henke whom celebrated his 30th birthday doring this feast.
Fagervikingarna gifted Fafner with tho Bat nests to help fight the mosquitos in the area whos are plentyful in the walmer months of the year..


Foton: Anders Wiik

After dinner we went down to the bonfire and the saga of ragnarök was presentet with music and fire under the stars. Maric!

On the Sunday after some of us went to Ockelbo and visited Ocklagård. An enthousiast without liking have build a viking age stavechurch in his free time. incredible workmanship! On his farmland there is also medieval farmhouses thet he have cared for during the years. the is a history nerds paradise.

Glada vikingar!

Fafner, you do this very very well. keep up the good work and we will se you again soon!



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